SIMAR will pursue four objectives. The first is related to the MOVE functionality. The second involves SUPPORT and UNDERSTAND. The third deals with the human-centered characteristic, and finally, the fourth targets validation and demonstration.


Multipurpose aerial/ground robotic system to keep away workers from dangerous situations for a safe, robust, and trusted inspection.
Thanks to the SIMAR robots, the human will not be longer exposed to unsafe situations, as every operation will be carried out remotely from the ground and a safe distance. Semi-autonomous aerial robots with advanced navigation aids will allow to easily gathering information from not accessible and dangerous areas and, at the same time, they will be designed to integrate and deploy in those areas advanced and highly autonomous ground robots.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality systems to reduce human workload and level of stress.
The intelligent support of workers will be given by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality systems. The Artificial Intelligence system will analyze all the captured data by the robotic platform and provide intelligent interpretation of the results in order to reduce the amount of information to be analyzed by the inspector.

Human-centered robotics inspection system.
The human inspector will be in the center of the SIMAR system. Both, robotics inspection system and the intelligent support tools will allow the human to perform inspections in dangerous environments in a safe, robust, and efficient way. The human will have full control of the inspection operation, but, at the same time, robust autonomous functionalities will allow them to focus on the high-level decisions, delegating the stressful operations to the robot.

TRL7 validation and demonstration on an operational petrochemical facility taking into account end-users’ requirements.
The end-users of SIMAR, including workers, managers, and decision-makers, will play a key role in the project. All the technical work will be based on those end-users’ specifications, leading to the final validation and demonstration phase. The SIMAR system will demonstrate its results in an operational industry in real everyday conditions. This will allow SIMAR to demonstrate the robustness of the technology under TRL7.

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