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HE SIMAR project officially launches with Kick-off Meeting held in Seville

Representatives from each of the Consortium partners met on October 4th and 5th at FADA-CATEC facilities (Parque Aerópolis, Seville) to start working on the SIMAR project.

In this Kick-off Meeting, all Consortium members (FADA-CATEC, AUTH, QUASSET, CHEVRON, VES, USE and BASF) presented to the others the Work Packages they are leading and established the first steps to follow for the coming months. They also participated in several workshops, imparted by the project partners, related to the technologies and issues that SIMAR aims to overcome, and started to define the requirements to be met by the SIMAR solution.

It was a rewarding event in which the Consortium members were able to sit face to face to get to know each other and show their interest and ambition in the project, so that a common path could be set to ensure the success of the work.

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