Vertical Engineering Solutions (VES)

Role in SIMAR Project

VES, will integrate the technologies developed in WP3, related to the robotic systems, and WP4, related to the human support functions, into the single SIMAR system and validate and test the integrated robotic system at controlled environment facilities.

VES will ensure the next integration steps in WP5 and its correct operation during the validation in WP6

Relevant previous experience

VES has expertise providing commercial services of inspection and maintenance using UAVs, being a “fast lane” to ensure the exploitation of the project results. VES has participated in various European and National projects over the last years since its birth, growing iteratively and gaining experience in the industrialization of research solutions.

VES participates in ACIDRONES is an EU funded project supported by RIMA. The aim of this project is to extend the limits of aerial robots for thickness control and maintenance of large vessels and cargoes by incorporating aerial robots with manipulation capabilities to perform contact inspections.

VES participates in AERIAL-CORE. This project will develop an integrated aerial cognitive robotic system that will have unprecedented capabilities in operational range and safety in the interaction with aerial collaborators for applications such as inspection and maintenance of large linear infrastructures.

Additionally, it counts with the expertise of many inspectors from its mother company LLV, which has been working in the inspection of industrial facilities over the last two decades.

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