Role in SIMAR Project

Quasset will act as an industrial partner of the SIMAR project. Our contribution will be instrumental in several work packages (WPs) of the project, mainly for WP2 (System Specifications and Design), WP4 (Intelligent Support of Works), WP5 (System Integration), WP6 (Validation), and WP8 (Social, Ethical, and Legal Issue).

In these WPs, Quasset will take-up leadership in four tasks and deliverables, namely for the development of an augmented reality system for a safe, robust, and trusted inspection, the development of supporting tools for decision making, the creation of a digital tooling for human-empowered evaluation performance, and the study of the impact assessment against societal, ethical, and legal requirements.

In addition, Quasset will also contribute to WP7 (Exploitation, Communication, and Dissemination), in particular for reporting on the business cases and strategies for market uptake and deployment.

Relevant previous experience

Quasset provides information-driven asset management solutions by combining in-depth domain knowledge, technology and business intelligence tools. Quasset offers both process design and improvements which streamline redesigned workflows, data management, and risk forecasting, including the usage of 3D, virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Since its inception, Quasset has been part of a number of EU joint industry projects, including SmartWater4Europe and ReaLNG, as well as being part and leader the original PETROBOT project (with Shell) which resulted in the creation of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative.

Currently, Quasset is also involved in the collaborative H2020 PILOTING project, where our main role is to develop a centralized Intelligence and Visualization Portal for an integrated multi-robot platform, aiming to demonstrate and validate modern robotic and IoT solutions for the inspection and maintenance of large-scale infrastructure in three key industrial sectors: refineries, tunnels, and brides/ viaducts.

With an in-house international multidisciplinary team of experts complemented by a large partner network of leading organizations, Quasset excels in bringing together expertise from different fields to provide advanced and innovative solutions.

Quasset will be bringing into this project its experiences and expertise in four key elements: mixed reality, digital workflows, 3D digital twins and real-time communication.

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