Role in SIMAR Project

FADA-CATEC will be the coordinator od the project and will contribute mainly to WP1 (Project Management and Coordination), WP2 (System Specifications and Design) ,WP3 (Multipurpose Modular Inspection Robot) and WP9 (Ethics requirements).

In these work packages FADA-CATEC will assume the leadership of the Project team and the responsibility for achieving the project objectives technically and administratively; lead the system requirements specifications and; the development of the crawling robotic platforms with the integrated X-Ray and PEC system.

In addition, to contributing to other technical WPs, especially in the specification of the GCS (Ground Control station) for SIMAR robot and integration of the developed systems into the SIMAR system. Finally, FADA-CATEC will be active in WP7 in Exploitation, Communication and Dissemination and WP8 Social, Ethical, and Legal (SoEL) Issues.

Relevant previous experience

FADA-CATEC is playing an innovation leadership role in robotic Inspection and Maintenance, particularly in the application of aerial robots.

FADA- CATEC is leading the H2020 PILOTING project, Innovation Action, in which different aerial and ground robotics are being validated in different environments by including oil and gas. Also, CATEC has participated in FP7, including the coordination of two projects and many H2020 projects also dealing with inspection and maintenance technologies.

FADA-CATEC won the Overall Innovation Radar Prize 2017 granted by the European Commission for its technology for industrial contact inspection using aerial robots (http://www.euronews.com/2017/12/04/new-drone-technology-wins-innovation-radar-prize-2017), being the first time, a robotic technology has won this prize. Also, FADA-CATEC, along with University of Seville and Airbus D&S, was awarded the Special Innovative Prize at the 1st EU Drones Award.

Finally, FADA-CATEC has a 15x15x6 indoor testbed with the VICON system. FADA-CATEC also owns the ATLAS facility with 35x30 Km of segregated aerial space for the development and testing of UAVs and aerial robots for inspection and maintenance.

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