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Role in SIMAR Project

The main CHEVRON role in the SIMAR project will be defining the end-user necessities and providing demonstration facilities. In this sense, CHEVRON will lead the WP6 (Validation). In addition, to contributing to the project's success, CHEVRON leads the following activities:

In the WP1 (Project Management and Coordination), CHEVRON leads the Industry Executive Committee .
In the  WP2 (System Specifications and Design), CHEVRON leads the definition of the validation scenarios and the industry-related KPIs, and in a common effort with BASF and support from VES, will provide inputs to define the specifications.
Finally, CHEVRON contributes to other technical WPs: iWP5 (System Integration), contributing to the environment testing activities to ensure the correct validation of the integrated system and provide feedback to the final part of the development tasks;   WP7 (Exploitation, Communication and Dissemination)  and in the WP8 (Social, Ethical and Legal (SoEL) issue), contributing with their experience along with BASF.

Relevant previous experience

he inspection programs are driven by local, regional and national regulators and by strict Chevron standards that the corporation imposes to operate facilities with the highest levels of safety and a clear understanding of mechanical integrity. Even when this is a small facility, thousands of kilometres of piping are checked and verified to understand their condition. The inspection plan and selection of points for monitoring are obtained by a process known as Risk Based Inspection (RBI), which includes a clear understanding of the process, material behaviour, and degradation mechanisms.

The information gathered during the inspection process allows its Reliability Engineers and Maintenance Groups to know the velocity of corrosion in our circuits and to discover and understand the behaviour of several degradation and damages mechanisms. This data triggers modifications in our processes, preventive measures and replacement of piping systems to avoid leaks or release of a product to the environment. All these experience in Risk Based Inspection for refineries will be provided by Chevron.

Finally, Chevron has participated in and supported European Commission initiatives since 2014 in projects like PETROBOT and then HYFLIERS and PILOTING. They  have projects in RIMA and have continued to work with companies that participated in these projects to fully develop systems and integrate them into the marketplace. CHEVRON is part of the Board of Directors of EuRobotics, co-founders of Sprint Robotics Collaborative and active participation in robotics events like the European Robotics Forum

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